Establishing a Trust for Your Child

We love our kids and would do nearly anything for them. We want to keep them safe and to provide for them. However, they can drive us absolutely crazy sometimes because they are prone to making terrible decisions. For example, when your pre-teen rang up a $300 bill making in-app purchases playing “Pokemon Go.” Or  … Read more

What Happens If I Create A Trust And My Trustee (Husband) Later Gifts Large Portions Of My Assets To Others Not Named In My Trust?

Just recently, this situation was addressed in court.  In summary, the case facts are as follows: A Wife (Trustor) created a Trust Agreement in which the Trust Agreement named the Wife and her Husband as the Trustees of her Trust.  The Wife later died and her Husband became the sole Trustee and primary beneficiary of  … Read more

Will vs. Trust

What is a Will? A Will or a Last Will and Testament is a written document by which a person for whom a will is written, who is called the testator, states how the testator wants his/her property distributed after his/her death It does not take effect until after the testator dies. Until the testator  … Read more