IRS Modifies Approach to Bitcoin Scrutiny

  For the last several years, Bitcoin has been world’s hottest digital currency. Initially disregarded by many, the market value of one single Bitcoin has skyrocketed from an initial value of $13 in 2013 to a current market value of thousands of dollars per coin in August 2017. This has potentially left many people who  … Read more

Summertime Tax Considerations

  When you think of the summer time, or even the early fall, you probably think of the hot sun, the lake and water parks, family vacations, sending the kids back to school, and labor day. One subject that probably does not cross your mind is taxes. However, as a tax lawyer, I can tell  … Read more

Man Gives IRS the Finger

  On a basic and fundamental level, most American taxpayers understand that taxation is necessary to keep the government, military, infrastructure, public service, education, and emergency services running. But beyond this basic understanding, there is little consensus on key aspects of taxation. For example, not everyone agrees with how big the government should be, who  … Read more

What If I Know Someone With Underpaid Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a Whistle-Blower Office that allows the IRS to pay awards to whistle-blowers for information leading to detecting underpayments of tax and punishing persons guilty of violating the IRS tax laws.* According to the IRS, $2 billion was collected by the IRS because of information provided by whistle-blowers. Awards paid to  … Read more