Understanding Tax Scams

Understanding Tax Scams

Taxpayers lose millions of dollars per year due to scammers stealing from honest, hard working people. The IRS has invested a lot of time and money attempting to thwart the problem, but the criminals involved continue to advance in their technology and adjust their tactics to continue to steal. For your own protection, you should  … Read more

Tax Considerations Regarding Child Support

While no one can dispute that paying child support is a good and necessary responsibility of a parent, that doesn’t mean anyone particularly likes fighting for it or being ordered to pay it. For many separated parents, child support can be a source of tension and hostility. Whether you are paying or receiving child support,  … Read more

When to Modify Your Estate Plan

If you have ever put together your estate plan, or served as an executor or trustee, you know how much time and energy go into the planning process. You know that it is a labor of love—as you are literally trying to provide for the future of people whom you care about. It is also  … Read more

Appealing IRS Collection Actions

Appealing IRS Collection Actions

The IRS has incredible powers to get your attention if you are delinquent in paying your tax bill. These include a federal tax lien, a levy, or a seizure of property. These actions are disruptive, inescapable, and can put your life on hold. If you find yourself the recipient of an IRS tax collection action,  … Read more

The Tax Lien Powers of the IRS

Are you unable or unwilling to pay your high tax bill to the IRS? If your answer is yes, I’m sure that you have legitimate reasons for not paying. However, if you have already received a demand for payment from the IRS, I would suggest that you immediately contact an attorney. The reason I say  … Read more

What You Need to Prepare for Your Tax Appeal

Tax Appeal

  If you have been audited by the IRS and they raised your tax obligation, you have probably received a notice of your right to appeal the auditor’s report. These appeals go through the IRS Tax Appeals office, which is a separate office from the one that conducted your audit. The tax appeal officer who  … Read more