What is “Bad Debt”

Lending money is a part of life and is also a normal practice for many types of businesses. But with lending money comes the real risk that it will never be repaid. The IRS allows for certain types of debt to be written off, classified as “bad debt.” However, the IRS also closely scrutinizes bad  … Read more

Tax Implications of Rental Property

Rental property can be a sound investment as it can bring in a consistent, predictable flow of income. Unfortunately, it can also make taxpayers targets of IRS scrutiny. In 2008, the Government Accounting Office estimated that over half of tax filers who own rental property misreported their income and losses on their tax returns. The  … Read more

Rules on Charitable Contributions

Many of us have causes we believe in. For some, we support causes based on deeply personal experiences that have shaped us for better or worse. Others have identified with causes that fit with their belief systems or interests. There are a number of ways that people show their support: with their time, their voices,  … Read more

Possible Changes to IRS Tax Appeals

  The IRS has seen major budget cuts in recent years. Despite this, the agency has had to do more with less, while continuing to conduct its normal operations. One place where the IRS has had to make adjustments is with tax appeals. A taxpayer who is audited or whose tax obligation is adjusted has  … Read more

What You Need to Prepare for Your Tax Appeal

Tax Appeal

  If you have been audited by the IRS and they raised your tax obligation, you have probably received a notice of your right to appeal the auditor’s report. These appeals go through the IRS Tax Appeals office, which is a separate office from the one that conducted your audit. The tax appeal officer who  … Read more

Is a Tax Appeal Right for Me?

Is a Tax Appeal Right for Me

Tax season is well underway, which means that you are in the process of preparing your taxes, if you haven’t already filed. Unfortunately, it also means that a new audit season has opened for the IRS. If you or your business is being audited and you ultimately receive a higher tax bill, I highly recommend  … Read more