The Stages of IRS Action Against a Taxpayer

Problems with the IRS can be daunting to think about. They are a massive government agency that has a Federal mandate to collect money they believe you owe, with the legal tools and resources to follow through. However, if you are in a tax dispute or dilemma with the IRS, don’t lose hope. An experienced  … Read more

Preparing for Mediation in a Divorce

Preparing for Mediation in a Divorce

  Going to trial can be a stunningly unpleasant experience. There is a natural anxiety that comes with testifying in a courtroom. But those feelings multiply when the subject matter is a divorce. After all, the long-simmering anger between spouses is at a natural climax, the tension is palpable, and there is always a level  … Read more

The Benefits of Mediation in a Probate Proceeding

  Probate proceedings are often an emotional, tedious, and expensive process. You may be locked into a legal battle with another family member, which is painful enough as it is. Unfortunately, the problem may be compounded by court delays and growing expenses related to litigation as you approach trial. In addition, probate courts, like most  … Read more

Wrongful Conviction Settlement Proceeds Ruled Marital Property In Divorce When Conviction Happened Prior To Marriage

Judge’s Ruling: Since the husband’s lawsuit for wrongful conviction accrued during the marriage, it was therefore marital property and subject to equitable distribution to the parties. Facts: Juan Rivera was charged with first degree murder in 1992. The victim had been raped and stabbed multiple times. Incriminating evidence against Mr. Rivera was presented including statements  … Read more