The “Classes” of Creditors

The Classes of Creditors

One of the critical purposes of the probate process is to settle all of an estate’s outstanding debts. This means that all creditors must be notified of the probate of an estate so that they can make their claims. Significantly, the property of an estate cannot be distributed until any proper creditor claims are resolved.  … Read more

How Does a Couple Legally Separate in Illinois?

  Legal separations have become relatively rare in Illinois. This may be, in part, because they are not the same thing as a divorce, nor are they necessary to seek a divorce. Despite this, there is statutory authority in Illinois that authorizes legal separations and there are several scenarios in which it may benefit one  … Read more

The Simplified Probate Process

Many people simply do not leave behind sizeable estates when they pass away. In fact, so many people leave “small” estates behind that if probate courts had to fully flesh out these cases, the entire probate system would collapse with completely unmanageable dockets. The Illinois state legislature recognized this, as well as the fact that  … Read more

Revoking Your Will: What You Should Know

  Our lives are fluid. We marry, have children, divorce, get new jobs, come into money, and lose money. For this reason, it is important to regularly update your will, as a will from five years ago may be a snapshot of your family and finances at that time, but your circumstances may now be  … Read more

Beware of Hidden Creditors

  Creditors can be an unavoidable nuisance in life. In death, there is still no avoiding them as they can make claims against a deceased person’s estate. In fact, if you have been named the executor of an estate greater that $100,000, or if you plan to become the administrator of an estate without a  … Read more

Obtaining a Power of Attorney

Life can be unpredictable. But you can plan for the unpredictable. For example, if you become incapacitated, there are important decisions that must be made on your behalf. Who is going to make medical decisions for you and authorize treatment? Who is going to pay your bills and manage your finances?   What is a  … Read more