Understanding Tax Scams

Understanding Tax Scams

Taxpayers lose millions of dollars per year due to scammers stealing from honest, hard working people. The IRS has invested a lot of time and money attempting to thwart the problem, but the criminals involved continue to advance in their technology and adjust their tactics to continue to steal. For your own protection, you should  … Read more

Illinois Woman Attempts to Steal From IRS

  Fraud has become rampant in the digital era. With scammers using all sorts of tactics, including phishing schemes in which thieves fraudulently convince people to disclose their social security numbers and other key information. Or it can involve hacking employers, companies, and governmental agencies for massive data hauls. The IRS is not immune to  … Read more

IRS and Identity Theft

  Very few people like dealing with the IRS if they don’t have to. One particular time we welcome this contact is when we are filing our tax returns, expecting a large refund. Unfortunately, an increasing number of taxpayers in the electronic-filing era are getting shocking news each year: that their tax refund has been  … Read more