Looking at the Latest Federal Tax Plan

On November 2nd, Congress unveiled its latest proposal for the sweeping tax code reform that President Trump promised during his campaign. This plan is far from a finished product and has not made it to budget analysts or to the Senate. However, the GOP in the House and the Senate seem motivated to prove that  … Read more

Estate Planning with Privacy in Mind

In spite of this age of social media, we still take great effort to protect our personal privacy. Most of us don’t want everyone to know how much we make and how much we own. In addition, we go to great lengths to protect ourselves from identity theft and people who seek to rip us  … Read more

Planning for Your Special Needs Child

  If you are raising a child with disabling special needs, you understand the depth of your love for your child, and learn the lengths you are willing to go for another person. There also comes a clearer focus and priority placed on planning for your family’s future. This is because long-term medical care is  … Read more

Estate Planning for Couples

Estate Planning for Couples

When you get married, you become a part of a team. A team that lives together, grows with children, and works with the hope of one-day enjoying retirement together. Married couples also put their estate plan together. This is because estate planning is about securing the future for each other and for your children. If  … Read more

Creating a Plan for Charitable Giving

Creating a Plan for Charitable Giving

Many of us have causes that we are truly passionate about, causes that are personal, or that hit us at our moral core. We volunteer, we advocate, we fundraise, and we donate. Estate planning allows for us to continue our commitments to the causes we believe in. In fact, charitable giving can be a smart,  … Read more

Long Term Care for Elderly Parents

Long Term Care for Elderly Parents

The point of estate planning is to create a stable and predictable method of distributing your property when you pass away, while maximizing the amount that your heirs ultimately receive. People work closely with their attorneys to meticulously create their plans, which can involve any variety of gifting, wills, and trusts. However, one aspect of  … Read more

Is a Joint Will Right for You?

  A joint will is a single will executed by a married couple that determines how all of their property will be distributed upon their deaths. Generally, in such a document, upon the death of the first spouse, all property will transfer to the other spouse. For the rest of that spouse’s life, the survivor  … Read more

Benefiting from a Roth IRA

Planning for retirement can give anyone a headache. There is no one-size-fits-all retirement investment vehicle, and there are so many options that the media is telling you put your money into. Many people throw their hands up and entirely rely on the retirement account provided by their employers. Before you do this, I would encourage  … Read more

Estate Tax Relief for Surviving Spouses

Marriage is a sacred bond. You have made vows to your spouse, who is your partner in life and is your most important relationship. You have worked hard together, raised children together, and planned your lives together. That is why when people plan their estates, the first priority is often to make sure that their  … Read more