Can Child Support Be Modified?

Kids need to be supported, and it is their parents’ responsibility to support them. Not only is it right, it is the law. However, there is often a great difference in opinion regarding what a parent wants in child support, what the other person wants to pay in child support, and what the court orders  … Read more

Tax Considerations Regarding Child Support

While no one can dispute that paying child support is a good and necessary responsibility of a parent, that doesn’t mean anyone particularly likes fighting for it or being ordered to pay it. For many separated parents, child support can be a source of tension and hostility. Whether you are paying or receiving child support,  … Read more

Calculating Child Support in Illinois

  State law in Illinois requires that both parents financially support their children. The underlying theory supporting this is that children should not suffer simply because their parents are no longer together. If you are in the process of a divorce or child custody dispute, you should consult with a family law attorney for assistance.  … Read more