Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

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Divorce is one of the most difficult events in a person’s life. It is a highly emotionally charged time in which spouses are simultaneously dealing with the grief of a significant relationship ending, the anger of what led to the separation, the uncertainty of dividing marital assets, and the possibility of a heated dispute over the future of the children. It is so incredibly difficult to separate emotions from the divorce process that even the best divorce attorneys in the state know not to represent themselves if it happens to them. If you are considering getting divorce, or if you have been served with divorce pleadings, please consider the following before you take any action on your own.

  • You can find hundreds of forms and templates online that purport to be simple divorce pleadings. Having practiced law for over two decades, trust me when I say that these forms are mostly worthless. As tempting as it is to save some money by simply downloading some forms, filling in the blanks, then printing them off, you can do yourself tremendous harm.
  • Divorce pleadings require strict compliance with the law. If you fail to meet the technical requirements of a legal pleading, file in an improper court, or fail to meet a key deadline, everything you do is subject to becoming void. This can include any order, a vague parenting plan, and even the entire case.
  • Illinois divorce law is incredibly intricate and complex. Attorneys spend years studying and receiving continuing education on the statutes that govern divorces, as well as the endless nuances in the law that have come about through case law from the courts of appeals and the Supreme Court.
  • An experienced attorney will provide you legal guidance that is specific to your goals and circumstances. You will likely be provided options you would not have known on your own. In addition, if you handle your own divorce, you risk the possibility of not getting your fair share of marital assets, alimony, child support, or custodial rights to your children.
  • If your spouse is represented by attorney, you MUST have one too. Your spouse’s attorney has no legal obligation to treat you kindly or fairly. In fact, their only real duty is to zealously advocate for your spouse’s interests. You will be at a terrible disadvantage in your divorce proceedings in this circumstance.

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