Complex Divorce Litigation in Arlington Heights and Schaumburg, IL

Contested divorces can be immensely stressful episodes in a person’s life-even more so when substantial assets or issues involving children are involved. A complex divorce may involve high-value real estate, business interests, child custody, and even orders of protection, all of which can have a far-reaching impact on your life. While every case is unique, all complicated divorces warrant the legal advice of an experienced divorce attorney.

Factors Involved in a Complex Litigation Divorce

High Net Worth Divorces

In complicated matrimonial law cases, the law office of Robert S. Thomas considers the marital estate carefully. We concentrate on the division of property in divorces involving high-value assets, including deferred compensation plans, inherited wealth, real estate, retirement plans, and separate property holdings.

Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means your marital property will be divided equitably, although not necessarily equally. Our goal is to support you in reaching a fair settlement and protecting the assets to which you’re entitled.

Business Valuation

When a business is involved in divorce proceedings, every financial aspect must be analyzed from a critical standpoint. At the law office of attorney Robert Thomas, we retain the services of experts who specialize in property valuation to cover all grounds in complex divorce cases. We take the necessary steps to ensure that your business is valued correctly and that your best interests are represented with zealous advocacy.

Our team will ask the questions that matter, uncover any hidden assets, and strategize an effective legal approach to solving the financial issues presented by your divorce.

Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes during a divorce directly challenge parental rights and the relationship you share with your child. Custody disputes dealing with children with disabilities, out of state jurisdiction, religious conflicts, paternity, and parentage warrant the legal advice of an experienced attorney.

If you are facing a complicated custody dispute, attorney Robert Thomas can help you protect your rights and the wellbeing of your children.

Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Divorces often trigger acts of domestic violence, including offenses of physical and sexual abuse. Fortunately, Illinois offers orders of protection to help victims experiencing domestic abuse. These orders typically last one to five years, and in extreme circumstances can be extended up to a lifetime. Depending on the unique situation, a protection order can include provisions that limit contact, mandate a distance buffer, require an alleged abuser to move out of the home, order counseling, and restrict possession of firearms.

At the law office of Robert S. Thomas, we understand the gravity of these situations and dedicate our services to helping clients during the emotionally challenging divorce process.

Attorney Robert Thomas Helps Clients in Arlington Heights

Divorces can be extremely challenging, especially if there are multiple intricate legal issues involved. If you are facing a complex divorce case in Arlington Heights and Schaumburg, IL, contacting the law office of attorney Robert Thomas can help you protect the things you care about the most during your divorce. Divorces are life-altering, and the outcome of yours can affect you for years to come. Make sure your best interest are always represented with the help of an attorney you can trust. Get started on securing a stable future as a single person and call our office today. As always, the first consultation is free.

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