Category: Family Law

Can Child Support Be Modified?

Kids need to be supported, and it is their parents’ responsibility to support them. Not only is it right, it is the law. However, there is often a great difference in opinion regarding what a parent wants in child support, what the other person wants to pay in child support, and what the court orders  … Read more

Custody and Parental Kidnapping

  Few things infuriate separated couples quite like money and child custody. Unfortunately, we far too often see parents make bad decisions in the context of child custody. These range from ill-advised choices, to felonies, to worse. On the extreme side of the spectrum is parental kidnapping. Parental kidnapping occurs when a parent wrongfully takes  … Read more

Addressing Children’s Fear of Divorce

  Separations and divorces are rough for anybody who has ever had the experience. But as much as divorce impacts adults, it is so much worse for children. In fact, no matter a child’s age, divorce has permanent emotional effect during a critical period of their development. This is why parents must demonstrate that things  … Read more

Understanding the UCCJEA

  We all want what is best for our children, but as parents, we do not always agree on what that means. Never is this more salient than during or after a separation and divorce. Custody disputes can be emotionally draining, frustrating experiences. They can also be legally complex. An additional layer of complexity arises  … Read more

College Expenses and Divorce

  Most parents want their children to attend college. Many parents want to be able to pay for this. They save, they exercise financial discipline, and work hard to make this a reality. When a couple separates or divorces, these plans can become untenable or unpredictable. This is because divorce can be very expensive, which  … Read more

How Does a Couple Legally Separate in Illinois?

  Legal separations have become relatively rare in Illinois. This may be, in part, because they are not the same thing as a divorce, nor are they necessary to seek a divorce. Despite this, there is statutory authority in Illinois that authorizes legal separations and there are several scenarios in which it may benefit one  … Read more

Child Visitation in the Summer

  Kids love the summertime. There is no school, they get to spend time with friends, go to summer camps, and spend hours on electronic devices. At the same time, summers can be tough on children and their separated parents. This is because both parents sometime have plans and desires for their children that conflict  … Read more