Planning for Your Special Needs Child

  If you are raising a child with disabling special needs, you understand the depth of your love for your child, and learn the lengths you are willing to go for another person. There also comes a clearer focus and priority placed on planning for your family’s future. This is because long-term medical care is  … Read more

Properly Reporting Entertaining Expenses

  Entertaining expenses is an often misunderstood, and over-reported, tax deduction that can lead to unintended IRS scrutiny of a taxpayer’s return. That does not mean that a taxpayer should not take this deduction, but that the taxpayer needs to be aware of the IRS rules regarding these expenses. The IRS describes entertaining expenses as  … Read more

Reporting Losses from Theft, Casualty, and Disasters

  As a homeowner or small business owner, we try to plan for everything. However, as we have seen in recent months, there is little we can do in the face of historic natural disasters. When the unexpected or unusual happen, taxpayers are entitled to claim deductions for disasters, casualty, and theft that result in  … Read more

Understanding the UCCJEA

  We all want what is best for our children, but as parents, we do not always agree on what that means. Never is this more salient than during or after a separation and divorce. Custody disputes can be emotionally draining, frustrating experiences. They can also be legally complex. An additional layer of complexity arises  … Read more

The Adoption Tax Credit

  Expanding your family through adoption can be an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience. People simply want to expand their families and experience the joy of parenting. Further, there are many children in the world waiting for the opportunity of a permanent, loving family. In fact, it is estimated that 135,000 children are adopted every  … Read more

Determining Capacity in a Guardianship Proceeding

  The aging process can lead to incredibly difficult decisions that have to be made on behalf of our loved ones. This can include the following – they cannot make critical medical decisions for themselves, or they cannot manage their day-to-day care. It can also include when a person loses the ability to make financial  … Read more

Self Employment and Retirement

  Self-employment offers what many Americans dream of: freedom and autonomy. With self-employment, however, also comes great risk. Legal risk. Financial risk. Emotional risk. A lot of these risks can be addressed with hard work, a sound business plan, insurance, a trusted attorney, and methodical planning. In addition, if you work for yourself, one of  … Read more

The IRS and the Affordable Care Act

  Since it was signed into law in 2010, the Affordable Care Act, also known as the ACA, also known as “Obamacare”, has been a lightning rod of controversy. Half of the country loves it, while the other half seem to believe it is the worst piece of legislation created in generations. Regardless of which  … Read more